Right to be Offensive

to be

What is this?

My website. My website. As in, it’s personal to me. If I happen to be employed at some point, nothing I write here necessarily reflects anything anyone employed by my employer wouldn’t be horrified at. Or would.

Unless I’m self-employed again.

Don’t try to find who my employer is, unless you’re going out of your way to harm my real life livelihood, in which case, go for it. There’s nothing anyone can say to you to make you see sense.

As long as I can, this website will have no javascript, and definitely none of that tracking bullshit.

Who are you?

Adam Barnes. Programmer, weeb, general living pestilence.

I grew up as introverts do, turning to computers (and games). I assumed programming was something only accessible to big businesses who could spend thousands of pounds on software licenses for whatever tools it is you need to program. When I was 13, however, I found out that programming was something one could do for free, thanks to a copy of Visual Studio Express Edition on a disc that came with a magazine, (which also contained a VB.NET tutorial).

I moved quickly on from that to Python2 where I stayed until it was reasonable to use Python3. Once I had a job in the industry, it became apparent knowing only Python wasn’t quite good enough, and I picked up supporting skills for web development.

If you’re looking for a Python or React tutor, hit me up. I’m always interested in teaching.

My favourite anime are Hibike! Euphonium, and Code GEASS. My favourite films are the Matrix trilogy. My favourite music changes by the second, (but GYARI is doing well at the moment).

Since late 2019, I have been particularly interested in VTubers. My favourite is 角巻わため (Tsunomaki Watame) by far, following behind her is everyone else in hololive, a couple from Nijisanji, and a lot of indies. From them I’ve learnt the Japanese that I know so far, which isn’t much, but it’s also not nothing.

How can I tell you how much I hate you?

Reasonable contact details are over at contact in the sidebar, and this site is reposited? at github, where you can crack open an issue or a pull request should the fancy strike you.